Theory of Constraints Demonstration of The Bottleneck

29 Jan , 2016   Video

Great demonstration how bottleneck affects the flow. Arrie van Niekerk is using three 1.5l bottles to show how to improve the flow. Three scenarios are given:

  1. In the first scenario a bottle is overturned to allow the water to run out by itself demonstrating typical situation in the process when no attention is given to the bottleneck.
  2. In the second scenario the bottle is overturned and then given a few good turns to generate swirling motion. Second scenario is demonstrating what happens when only a little attention is given to the bottleneck.
  3. In the third scenario a straw is added to channel the airflow. What do you think what happens having in mind the the straw has reduced the capacity of the bottleneck?

Main learning can be summarized as:

The Theory of Constraints is not a process of debottlenecking of operation, it is a process of increasing the flow through the bottleneck.

Watch the video and share your thoughts and opinion in the comment.

For those who want to learn more:

Theory of Constrains (TOC) Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_constraints

More about TOC: http://www.leanproduction.com/theory-of-constraints.html

Arrie vanNiekerk: http://www.slideshare.net/arrievn



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