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The Role Of The Plant Manager in Lean

12 Jun , 2016   Video

Jim Huntzinger and Michel Baudin discuss the role of the plant manager in Lean implementation. They cover:

  • public aspect of the role and the pressure it is subjected to,
  • lean leadership,
  • key areas and responsibilities of plant manager,
  • identifying and selecting improvement projects,
  • importance of pilot projects,
  • what makes an effective plant manager,
  • common career path towards plant manager role,
  • what is company culture,
  • importance of continuous learning,
  • 3 top things a plant manager has to do to successfully implement lean in his plant:
    1. study Toyota Production System,
    2. do not underestimate the engineering issues of Lean implementation,
    3. accept improvement ideas from sister-plants;
  • recommended reading for plant managers,
  • 3 things that plant manager should never do:
    1. implement tools without thinking,
    2. inject his/her own ideas during technical discussions,
    3. be a suit;
  • how to empower staff to do improvement,
  • how to deal with Lean sceptics, and
  • engaging executives in the Lean transformation.

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