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The 5 Main Steps Of The Lean Manager

8 Jan , 2016   Video


This video introduces 5 main steps that characterize a Lean Manager and which she has to do to achieve operational excellence. As described in the video, these 5 steps are:

  1. Control your territory

“The key to success is to keep Keep your area to 5S standards and do regular field visits that you are made directly aware of problems of your coworkers.”

  1. Give meaning to actions

First  identify your customers and what they expect from you, then define performance indicators that measure the satisfaction of your customers, and lastly, based on your main indicators study the processes to make sure that they match what is required.

“Once your territory is under control and you have align your contributions based on needs of your customers you can then launch the third step which consists in motivating your team and driving them forward.”

  1. Motivating and driving your team

Introduce here a 15 mins flash meeting based around visual management.  

“This daily virtual performed standing up is the chance for you and your teams to discuss openly on performance issues, problems to be resolved, and current actions in progress.”

The fourth step of Lean Manager is

  1. Delegating simple problem solving

Any problems encountered during the daily stand up flash meeting are not meant to be dealt with them straight away.

“All problems encountered require field visit in order to observe and identify root cause. If the solution can implemented easily it will be dealt with quickly, however if a small study into it is required, a work group will be set up in order to track the resolution method of the problem as in step 3.”

Finally the fifth step consists in managing the progress plan

  1. Managing the progress plan

When the progress plan is in action, company is managing its improvements.

“The challenge here is to work on breakthrough improvements which meet strategic challenges  of your company in line with visual changes these increases in performance will make whole team proud.”

Take a look at this excellent video to find out more details.

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