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Plug Game by Lean Games

26 Feb , 2016   Video


Understand Lean principles better through games and simulations.  More…

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Jidoka by Lean Concepts

23 Feb , 2016   Video


When we think about House of Lean we visualize it’s two pillars: JIT and Jidoka. Unfortunately, many Lean journeys fall short of expectations because companies leaders (management) focus a majority of their efforts on Just in Time pillar and marginalize Jidoka. Why is that so?


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Push vs. Pull

18 Feb , 2016   Video


In this short video Mr. Arthur describes differences between push and pull.  More…

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The History of Lean Thinking

17 Feb , 2016   Video


As some sources are mentioning a history of lean thinking is rooted several hundreds years back all the way to the Venice in 16th century where a first written trace of the “moving” assembly line could be found.

This video gives very brief overview of some of the important events and people in the history of the lean management such as: More…

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Lean in 90 Seconds

16 Feb , 2016   Video


Have a colleague or friend who would like to know more about Lean but are short on time? Show them this video.  More…

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Lean Management and Lean Leadership

14 Feb , 2016   Video


Dr. Emiliani discusses different aspects of Lean Management and Lean Leadership.   More…

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Heijunka by Lean Concepts

2 Feb , 2016   Video


Successful leveling is considered one of the highest achievements in lean manufacturing.
But why is it so important? Simply because process variation is inevitable, and product demand isn’t an exception.
Nothing is more basic to improving the manufacturing systems than the reduction of variation (unevenness – Mura).



Theory of Constraints Demonstration of The Bottleneck

29 Jan , 2016   Video


Great demonstration how bottleneck affects the flow. Arrie van Niekerk is using three 1.5l bottles to show how to improve the flow. Three scenarios are given: More…


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How to reduce WIP using Little’s Law

16 Jan , 2016   Video


Anyone who is focused on continuous improvement and operational excellence must be aware that inventory level, lead time and throughput rate play a huge role in striving to this goal. Fortunately for us, MIT professor John D.C. Little proved the relationship between above mentioned variables, which is today known as “Little’s Law”.


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Water Spiders Video by Xtreamlean

14 Jan , 2016  


Just hours before uploading this post, lean consulting team which I’m a part of, suggested to our client a possibility of including a Water Spider in their business processes. More…