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23 Feb , 2016   Video

When we think about House of Lean we visualize it’s two pillars: JIT and Jidoka. Unfortunately, many Lean journeys fall short of expectations because companies leaders (management) focus a majority of their efforts on Just in Time pillar and marginalize Jidoka. Why is that so?

Some reasons that come to mind are that traditional management is primarily focused on production yield – quantity, and only quality information that is of interest is a number of rejects. Other reasons could be connected with the fact that results of quantity control (inventory reduction) are seen much sooner than those of quality control. Also, there is a need for big cultural change in company’s personnel regarding line shutdowns to improve the system. To implement Jidoka, it takes a lot of time and hard work.

The fact that is often overlooked when studying Toyota Production System, which is focused on quantity control, that it was built on the foundation of quality. Taichi Ohno said that it took them seven years of focused work on delivering quality before they started with Just in Time concept.

To encourage you to further explore Jidoka we decided to post two videos. First one contained in this post consists of following sections:

  • Building in quality
  • How to build in quality
  • Tools to build in quality
  • Separating man from machine
  • Jidoka example
  • Why Jidoka matters

For more great videos from Jacob Isaac-Lowry you can visit his YouTube channel Lean Concepts  or visit website:https://www.conceptsoflean.com/


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