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Introduction to VSM

8 Mar , 2016   Video

In this video, Gemba Academy’s Ron Pereira talks about one of the key lean tools: value stream mapping.

Video covers following topics:

  • What is value stream?
  • What is value stream mapping?
  • Why value stream mapping?
  • 8 steps to creating VSM’s

For more material from Gemba Academy, you can visit their Youtube channel or go to Gemba Academy web-site.

Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Want to know more?

In their book Lean thinking (1996), Womack and Jones described a specific action plan for successful lean transformation. In the first phase of the action plan, they recognize the need to identify value streams and map them by product family, with a goal of sustainable lean improvement.

Toyota developed method known as “Material and Information Flow Mapping” which was later popularized as value stream mapping by the book Learning to See (1999).


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