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Introduction to Lean in Government

8 Jan , 2016   Video

“The spirit of continuous improvement is alive and well in Washington State Government”.

This video introduces principles of Lean and talks about Lean culture in Government. Video is published by the Washington State Government at their Youtube channel and it is just one of the videos from their Lean series. 

As a quality introduction to Lean Management in Government, it is must to see video when thinking about implementing Lean in the administrative environment. It is based on the experience of the Washington State Government Lean improvement program.

They have defined Lean as:

“Lean is about creating value and eliminating waste with the main aim to reduce costs as well as improve efficiency productivity and quality.”

On of the points that is emphasized in the video is a importance of the “Customers’ viewpoint”, but the difficulties of how to recognize the customer are mentioned as well.

Watch the video and share your thoughts and opinion in the comment.

For those who want to learn more:

Page with the results which Washington State Government Lean Team has achieved: http://results.wa.gov/what-we-do


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