Lean,Lean Intro

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

6 Apr , 2016   Video

Learn what Lean Manufacturing is all about. 

Watch this webinar by Michel Baudin, of Takt Times Group, and learn more about:

  • why adopt lean;
  • examples of successful lean companies;
  • what lean is and isn’t;
  • definition of lean manufacturing;
  • how to go from actions to performance;
  • history of lean;
  • examples of lean tools in engineering, logistics, production control,
  • organisation and people, and accountability;
  • philosophy of lean; and
  • competitive strengths of lean organisation.

Be sure to check Michel Baudin’s blog for some excellent articles and commentaries like:

  • MIT article comparing Lean, TQM, Six Sigma, “and related enterprise process improvement methods” (link)
  • Lean versus the Toyota Production System (link)
  • Giving Credit To The Precursors Of The Lean Movement (link)
  • Gemba, and Genchi-Genbutsu (link)

Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section.


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