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Heijunka by Lean Concepts

2 Feb , 2016   Video

Successful leveling is considered one of the highest achievements in lean manufacturing.
But why is it so important? Simply because process variation is inevitable, and product demand isn’t an exception.
Nothing is more basic to improving the manufacturing systems than the reduction of variation (unevenness – Mura).

This video covers the concept of Heijunka or load leveling. After an initial discussion of the thinking behind the lean tool, several different leveling and balancing approaches are studied. The result is a demonstration of the most effective methods of sequencing production in order to minimize inventory and manpower. As Heijunka can be difficult to grasp initially, a brief summary of concepts is included at the end of the section.

For more videos from Jacob Isaac-Lowry go to his YouTube channel Lean Concepts  or visit website: https://www.conceptsoflean.com/


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