5S Case in Car Service

8 Jan , 2016   Video

5S is in some companies a first step on their Lean journey. It is hard to expect that an environment which is not clean, standardized and reliable could perform efficiently especially when one-piece flow concept is implemented.

5S is normally implemented during a longer period of time and it takes a big effort to change behaviors of people especially when cleaning has not been a part of their job description.

This video shows different approach. In this case, 5S was a one day project (at least initial cleaning, sorting and standardization). When doing this kind of 5S, it is crucial that all employees are involved and that the activities are well planned and executed.

Check this Lean case study about 5S lean implementation in the car service company.

Watch the video and share your thoughts and opinion in the comment.

For those who want to learn more:

This video was published at the Daniel Kovacs’s Youtube Channel.


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