TOC in production within Aerosud Aviation

15 Jul , 2016   Video


Learn how Aerosud Aviation applied TOC to their production.  More…


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How to succeed with Lean programs

11 Jul , 2016   Video


“In manufacturing productivity is king.”  More…

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5S Numbers Game

9 Jul , 2016   Video


Use this numbers game to explain and teach 5S in fun and easy way.  More…

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Takt Time, Cycle Time, Lead Time

17 Jun , 2016   Video


Learn how to calculate Takt Time, Cycle Time, and Lead Time.  More…


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One Piece Flow Lean Manufacturig

16 Jun , 2016   Video


One piece flow or single piece flow is a cornerstone concept in Lean Manufacturing. More…

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5S in Office

14 Jun , 2016   Video


Watch this short video for an example of 5S activity in an office environment.  More…

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The Role Of The Plant Manager in Lean

12 Jun , 2016   Video


Jim Huntzinger and Michel Baudin discuss the role of the plant manager in Lean implementation. More…


Two Critical Flows

8 Apr , 2016   Video


Learn more about two critical flows — “now” and “in the future” — and their constraints.  More…

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Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

6 Apr , 2016   Video


Learn what Lean Manufacturing is all about.  More…

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Calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness

4 Apr , 2016   Video


Watch this short example and learn how to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  More…